The Buzz

"Great Read...Laughed and Loved it! DC Stanfa is one of a kind. I loved her book. I couldn't put it down even though I have my own to finish. She's a pure delight and a great writer. You'll laugh, cry, and relate in many ways. You'll come away from this book dying to meet this woman."

--Susan Reinhardt, Columnist and author of "Author of Not Tonight Honey, Wait 'Til I'm A Size 6"

"This is a terific read! All my life I've wondered what it would be like to be a flat-chested Catholic high school girl with acne. Now, thanks to DC Stanfa's book, The Art Of Table Dancing, I know. This is a very funny, sometimes poignant memoir, every page of which sparkles with DC's wit (I thought at first it might be salt from my hard-boiled egg, but it turned out to be wit). Read this book - you won't regret it!"

--Mike Ball, Author of "What I've Learned So Far..." and winner of the 2003 Erma Bombeck Award

"DC Stanfa is a chick after my own giddy heart. I read an advance copy of this book when a bookowner friend of mine gave it to me because she thinks my life has been similar to the author's. I couldn't put it down. It's upbeat, silly, heartwarming and, did I mention milk-out-the-nose funny? My own book, Live in the Moment, is my "personal growth" way of sharing the lessons I learned in early adulthood (And the FUN I HAD!). I didn't do as much table dancing as Stanfa did, but it's never to late to incorporate it into my "arsenal" of coping mechanisms! This book goes right next to the sunscreen & drink cozy in your beach bag."

--Julie Clark Robinson

"DC Stanfa mines humor from life's small events. Her comic style is the perfect compliment to her guileless tales, populated by the innocent, the optimistic and the sweet."

--Bill Fitzhugh, author of Cross Dressing, Fender Benders and Heart Seizure, and recipient of the Left Coast Crime award: Funniest Novel of 2001

"Witty, wisecracking, yet nostalgic."

--John Kachuba, author of How To Write Funny

"DC gives the reader a ringside seat in her coming of age story. She takes on life like a champion, knocking out situations with her courage, quick wit, insight, and humor. I'd place bets on her winning style."

--Sarah Hawley, Orange Frazer Press

"DC Stanfa was one of the earliest and most prized contributors to StickYourNeckOut Magazine, and her deliciously wry humor remains a personal favorite of my own to this day.

"Stanfa's dry, sometimes scathing take on the hypocrisies and lunacies of her growing-up years makes you wonder how she--we--survive to adulthood at all. With a full measure of detail, she recalls to us (one hopes at a safe remove) the gruesome hilarity of our own childhood misadventures."

--Tom Cox Editor/Publisher StickYourNeckOut Magazine